Prof. Berumen has taught the following classes at KAUST:


Marine Science and Engineering (MarSE) courses:
Survey of Marine Science (MarSE 201) 
Marine Life (MarSE 221) 
Coral Reef Ecology (MarSE 226)            
Introduction to Oceanography (MarSE 235)        
Ecology and Management of Marine Fisheries  (MarSE 243) 
Special Topics in Marine Science (MarSE 245)
Marine Science Graduate Seminar (MarSE 298)                    
Advanced Coral Reef Ecology (MarSE 326) 
Advanced Ecology and Management of Marine Fisheries (MarSE 343)    
Advanced Special Topics in Marine Science (MarSE 345)    

KAUST Winter Enrichment Period (WEP):
Finding Science in Finding Nemo                   
Still Finding Science in Finding Nemo         
Marine Science for Non-Majors            
Birds of Arabia       
“Life” in Movies: Biology in Popular Media  
Desert Seas (film presentation with producer Bob Pollock)