Hana Kanee

Ph.D. Students

Research Interests

Hana is half Saudi, half American, and was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. As an undergraduate student, she studied Biology and Studio Art at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She then completed a MSc degree in Plant Science at KAUST, with a focus on molecular and genetic applications on plants and their rhyzosphere. She studied RNA expression levels of a specific Sodium transporter to visualize its location in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. She also worked on Biochemical and motility screenings of randomly mutated rhizosphere bacteria. Her research interest then was in pinpointing genes that play a role in increasing a plant's tolerance to increased salinity and drought caused by global warming. Now Hana is a PhD student in the Marine Sciences, hoping to use some of the genetic skills that she has learned to answer important Red Sea ecological questions. For now, she is working on a population genetics study on specific groups of crustaceans found across the Red Sea. 

Art also plays a huge role in Hana’s life and she hopes to be able to use illustration, animation and any other form of art to enhance her, the public’s, and the scientific community’s understanding of current scientific research. So, if you are in dire need of expressing your scientific work artistically or just want to make art in general, come to Hana to nerd out on art and even work on a project together!​