Lyndsey Tanabe

Master's Students

Research Interests

Lyndsey has always had a fascination with the sea.  She was born on the island of Oahu and raised in a coastal town in Maine.  Ironically, she headed to the landlocked state of Pennsylvania to her obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in both Biology and Environmental Science.  On campus she was involved in limnological research focused on assessing the mechanism causing anoxic conditions in local lakes and ponds.  To further pursue her passion in conservation, she studied abroad in Turks and Caicos and Tanzania, where she found her love for traveling as well as research.  To explore her interests in marine research, she worked as a NOAA Holling’s Scholar to assess abundance and diversity of invertebrates and seaweed on an ancient Hawaiian fishpond wall.   After graduating, she worked as an Education Coordinator at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.

Her passion for marine conservation and traveling lead her to KAUST, where she has joined the Reef Ecology Lab under Prof. Michael Berumen.  She has many research interests including movement ecology, ocean acidification impacts on coral reefs, connectivity, marine protected areas, and conservation biology.  ​