September 27 to October 4, 2012

Participants: Michael Berumen (KAUST), Joseph DiBattista (KAUST), Brian Bowen (HIMB), Luiz Rocha (CAS), Howard Choat (JCU), Gustav Paulay (FLMNH), Gerrit Nanninga (KAUST), Mark Priest (KAUST), Jean-Paul Hobbs (UWA), Jean-Michel Rose, Jean-Louis Rose

A National Geographic society funded (award # 9024-11) research charter aboard the M/V Deli to genetically sub-sample and preserve whole reef fish and invertebrate specimens at three stations (Moucha/Maskali, Obock, and Bay de Ghoubett) just outside the mouth of the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aden. This represents a critical sampling region outside of Saudi Arabian waters to characterize biogeographic barriers to larval dispersal and patterns of diversification of the endemic fauna in the Red Sea.