Prof. Berumen has taught the following classes at KAUST:

Marine Science (MarS) courses:

  • Survey of Marine Science (MarS 201)
  • Marine Life (MarS 221)           
  • Introduction to Oceanography (MarS 235)       
  • Ecology and Management of Marine Fisheries  (MarS 243)
  • Special Topics in Marine Science (MarS 245)
  • Coral Reef Ecology (MarS 326) 
  • Movement Ecology (MarS 390)
  • Marine Science Graduate Seminar (MarS 298/398)       

KAUST Winter Enrichment Period (WEP):

  • Finding Science in Finding Nemo                   
  • Still Finding Science in Finding Nemo         
  • Marine Science for Non-Majors            
  • Birds of Arabia       
  • “Life” in Movies: Biology in Popular Media  
  • Desert Seas (film presentation with producer Bob Pollock) 

Mike Teaching Underwater


Classes taught prior to KAUST:

University of Arkansas

  • Principles of Biology (BIOL 1543)
  • General Ecology (BIOL 3863)
  • Marine Biology (BIOL 4803)

Hawaii Pacific University:

  • Introduction to Biology (BIOL 1000 online)
  • Introduction to Oceanography (MARS 1000 online)

University of Arkansas Gifted and Talented Summer Institute

  • Biology “Down Under”: Marine Biology and Zoology of Australia Marine Biology
  • “Life” in Movies: Biology in Popular Media