Alessio Bernardi




I am originally from Santa Cruz, a coastal town near San Francisco in California. It was there that I gained an interest in the ocean. From a young age, I engaged in diving, spearing, and freediving. Because of this, I developed a passion for the ocean and its immense diversity. Surfing and sailing also brought me closer to the ocean at a young age. Initially, my focus was primarily on fish speciation, but recently I have been learning and finding interest in broader areas of fish research.

Currently, I am in my fourth year of undergraduate studies, majoring in Biology at the University of British Columbia. Once I complete my undergraduate degree, I plan to pursue a master's program in marine biology, with a specific emphasis on fish research. In my most recent project, I conducted metabarcoding analysis on the stomachs of Ctenochaetus striatus, a tropical surgeonfish, aiming to identify their dietary patterns and determine their role in maintaining reef ecosystems.

At KAUST, my primary goal is to actively contribute both in the field and the lab, offering my assistance wherever necessary. Additionally, I hope to undertake a research project involving reef surveys, data collection, analysis, and potentially exploring population genetics.