Camrin Braun

Master's Student


Research Interests

Camrin received his BSc in Environmental Studies and Conservation Biology from The College of Idaho (USA) where he explored the ecology of invasive species in local riverine systems. His senior honors thesis investigated movements of juvenile whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in the Red Sea and was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Simon Thorrold (Fish Ecology Lab, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and Dr. Michael Berumen (Reef Ecology Lab, KAUST). After completing his BSc, Camrin joined WHOI as a technician to further study broad and fine scale horizontal and vertical movements of large pelagic fishes in the Red Sea, South Pacific, and North Atlantic. His research combines various tracking and mapping technologies including satellite telemetry, light-based geolocation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and other forms of spatial analysis to understand ecology of study species. In 2013, Camrin completed his Master's degree at KAUST working on the ecology and movements of large pelagic fish in the Red Sea. He is currently back in Woods Hole as a PhD student in the WHOI/MIT joint program.