Daria Vashunina

Research Group Staff

Laboratory Assistant daria.vashunina@kaust.edu.sa


Daria graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with BSc and MSc degrees in Biology and Biotechnology. During her thesis “Development of new biocomposite materials for water purification from oil products” she worked with petroleum hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria and developed her microbiology skills.

Daria joined the Red Sea Research Center at KAUST in November 2021 as a research assistant. Here she maintains the microalgae collection, performs TOC analysis, microalgae microscopy and identification. In KAUST Daria continues to learn – she has attended a fish larvae identification workshop and a microalgae biotechnology course, passeing the International Phytoplankton Intercomparison in 2022. If you need help with some lab routine tasks feel free to contact Daria - she is here to help KAUST students and scientists.