Diego Lozano-Cortés

Master's Student


Research Interests

Born in Cali (Colombia), Diego received his BS in Marine Biology from the Universidad del Valle in his hometown in 2010. His research interests are focused on coral reef ecology, including reef fish communities, coral reproduction, and biodiversity. After finishing his undergrad, he was awarded with a Young Scientists scholarship by the Colombian Department of Science (COLCIENCIAS) to study the pelagic larval duration of damselfishes.
Besides his extensive field experience on coral reefs in the Tropical Eastern Pacific, actively participating in the national monitoring system for the coral reefs of Colombia (SIMAC). He has also been working in projects in the Caribbean Sea, the Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef. Diego joined the Reef Ecology Lab in 2013 as a Master’s student to work on reef fish connectivity and graduated in December 2014. He has a variety of hobbies outside research including photography, freediving, and traveling.