Dr. Andrew Hoey

Postdoctoral Fellow


Research Interests

​Originally from Australia, Andrew completed his BSc (with honors) in Marine Biology at James Cook University examining the physiological factors that influenced early post-settlement mortality in coral reef fish under the supervision of Dr Mark McCormick. Immediately following his honors research, Andrew was appointed as a research officer and manager of the Reef Fish Biology Lab at James Cook University (1999-2006). In 2006 he started a PhD examining the functional roles of herbivorous coral reef fishes under the supervision of Prof. David Bellwood (JCU). In particular, his PhD research focused on the ecosystem role of macroalgal browsing fishes on coral reefs. This work has questioned the previously held view that biological diversity acts as a source of ecological insurance, and identified a critical feedback that may lead to the stability of macroalgal stands on coral reefs. Andrew has worked on a range of projects relating the ecomorphology and ecosystem function of various groups on reefs spanning the Indian and Pacific Oceans and is now turning his attention to the unique reefs of the Red Sea. At KAUST, he investigated how the functional roles of various herbivorous fish groups differ between high and low diversity reef systems. Quantifying these processes and identifying the key species on the lower diversity reefs of the Red Sea will provide further insights into the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function.