Dr. Pedro De La Torre

Ph.D. Student


Research Interests

Pedro joined the Reef Ecology Lab following his ambition to learn more about the ocean. He worked in the field of applied acoustics for tracking marine animals, and his PhD project mainly involved designing a system, which was dubbed iSAT, to study, in real time, the movement behavior of whale sharks. He recieved his PhD in summer 2014.

Pedro was awarded the KAUST fellowship to seek graduate studies in Saudi Arabia where he joined the Marine Science program. During the course of his Master’s degree, he got involved in NASA’s Aeronet Federation and expanded the record of maritime aerosol measurements from several cruises in the Red Sea in which he participated. He was also invited to participate in the oceanographic ITOP cruise in Taiwan in 2010.

Pedro graduated as a Mechatronics Engineer from Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City. He is a friendly person who enjoys snorkeling, diving, and cycling in his free time. He feels privileged to be part of the Reef Ecology lab and he is interested in topics related to marine technology, telemetry, and bioacoustics.