Jessica Masterman

Master's Student


Research Interests

Jessica completed her Bachelor of Science degree in May 2010, with a double major in Geology and Chemistry with honors from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, in the United States. Studying in the land-locked Midwest, Jessica searched diligently for ways to incorporate marine science into her university studies. She completed two National Science Foundation-funded internships – one in marine micropaleontology and a second in marine chemistry. She also completed two research projects as an undergraduate – one project in marine micropaleontology and a second project in freshwater aquaculture. Currently, Jessica joined Prof Berumen’s lab in Fall 2010 and was co-advised by Dr. Randi Rotjan (New England Aquarium, USA) and Prof. David Raubenheimer (Massey University, New Zealand). Her MSc thesis focused on understanding the nutritional basis for the feeding preferences of corallivores in the Red Sea by doing nutritional analyses of both coral tissue and butterflyfish gut content. Jessica graduated fromt he Masters program in December 2011.