Dr. Lucrezia Bonzi

Ph.D. Student



Research Interests

​Lucrezia has always been fascinated by the marine environment and the molecular mechanisms that regulate life and evolution. She first graduated with her Bachelors in Biology from the University of Insubria, Italy, with a research thesis conducted in a laboratory of genetics and epigenetic control of gene expression. Then, moved by her passion for the sea, she pursued her Master’s degree in Marine Environmental Biology in Trieste, Italy.  Her project involved an ecotoxicological study on sea turtle populations from Costa Rica. She then spent a year working in an ecological genetics laboratory where she had the opportunity to collaborate in several conservation oriented projects on Italian wildlife. 

In October 2015 she started an internship at KAUST on the connectivity of the Arabian killifish (Aphanius dispar) populations in the Saudi Arabian desert. She worked in a team supervised by Prof Timothy Ravasi and studied the genetic differentiation of the fish using Restriction-site Associated DNA (RAD) sequencing,  in order to discover putative gene flow between the different ponds. After her internship, she decided to remain at KAUST to pursue a PhD in Marine Sciences. She is particularly interested in how climate change impacts fish populations and which molecular mechanisms they adopt to cope with these changing environmental conditions.​