Raquel Lubambo Ostrovski

Master's Student



Raquel grew up by the ocean in Rio de Janeiro, where she had the opportunity to connect with this amazing environment. Since a young age, she has held a huge love and appreciation for the ocean's top predators, sharks, and it has always been her dream to become a shark biologist and help to protect these fascinating creatures.

Therefore, she focused her entire undergraduate experience on marine biology, shark ecology and conservation. She recevied her Bachelor in Biological Sciences in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is currently a MS/PhD student in Marine Science in the Reef Ecology Lab.

In the present, her research focuses on movement patterns of sharks throughout the Red Sea, correlating it to the oceanographic features that can be found in this fantastic place. She is also interested in how differences in each shark's physiology (either by sex or reproductive phase) can influence their movement patterns.

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