William Bass

Master's Student


Research Interests

A true wanderer at heart, Bill left his small upstate New York hometown after high school and headed to the bright lights and big city of Los Angeles.  He graduated from the University of Southern California (Fight On!) in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  After USC, while teaching math and science in Louisiana and Texas, he rediscovered his love of the natural world, and retuned to school.  In 2010, he received another Bachelor’s degree in Applied Math from SUNYIT in New York. Refusing to live in a landlocked state, he then came to KAUST to study Bioscience., and later joined the Coral Reef Ecology lab in Spring 2012. Bill worked closely with Dr. Pablo Saenz-Agudelo assessing connectivity and geneflow in clownfish and butterflyfish from Papua New Guinea.